Set Up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta for Your Apollo Account

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Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that allows you and your team to securely log into multiple apps and sites with just one set of credentials. If your team uses SSO authentication, you can configure the settings to set up SSO for your Apollo account.

Got Admin Superpowers?

Please note, only users with Okta and Apollo admin access can set up the SSO integration. If you are not an admin for either account, please share this article with a team member who has the necessary permissions to follow the steps below.

Supported Features

The Okta/ SAML integration currently supports the following features:

  • SP-initiated SSO
  • IdP-initiated SSO

For more information on the listed features, visit the Okta Glossary.

Supported Identity Providers

Please note, Apollo currently only supports SAML integrations via Okta. If you use another identity provider to manage SSO authentication, stay tuned for further updates as we continue to improve our SSO integration.

Refer to the sections below for the steps to configure your SSO settings, assign users to Apollo in Okta, and then log into Apollo via SSO.

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Configure the Single Sign-on Settings

It's the SSO Way or the Highway!

Please note, when you configure SSO, you and your team can only log into Apollo via SSO. If you try to log in via another method, Apollo redirects you to the SSO sign-in modal.

Launch Apollo, click Settings, and then click Integrations.

Integrations page in Apollo

Scroll to Single Sign-On and click Connect.

Connect SSO button on integrations page

Select Okta in the Identity provider name drop-down.

Identity provider name drop-down

Copy the Apollo entity ID and Single Sign-on URL.

Apollo entity ID and SSO URL

Keep this tab open and launch Okta in another tab. Click Applications, and then click Browse App Catalog.

Applications tab in Okta

Search for and click on it. app in Okta search bar

Then, click Add Integration.

Add integration button in Okta

Customize the name if you want to and then click Done.

Done button in Okta

Next, click the Sign On tab in the SAML app.

Sign-on tab in Okta

Scroll down to Advanced Sign-on Settings and paste the "Apollo entity ID" that you copied in Apollo earlier into the SP Entity ID field.

SP Entity ID field in Okta

Scroll to Credentials Details and click the Application username format drop-down. Then, select Email and click Save.

Application username format drop-down in Okta

Scroll to Metadata details and copy the text in the Sign on URL and Issuer fields.

Metadata details in Okta

Then, click Download to download and copy the Signing Certificate text.

Download button next to signing certificate

Switch back to Apollo and paste the Sign on URL you copied in Okta into the Identity provider single sign-on URL field in Apollo.

Identity provider single sign-on URL field in Apollo

Next, paste the Issuer text you copied in Okta into the Identity provider entity ID field in Apollo.

Identity provider entity ID field in Apollo

Then, paste the text from the Signing Certificate you downloaded and copied in Okta into the Identity provider certificate field in Apollo.

Identity provider certificate field in Apollo

Click Save & Enforce SSO.

Save and enforce SSO button in Apollo

You have now configured your SSO settings in Apollo. Follow the steps below to finalize the process in Okta.

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Assign Users in Okta

Launch Okta and navigate to the Apollo app integration on the Applications page. Then, click the Assignments tab.

Assignments tab in Okta

Click the Assign drop-down and then click Assign to People or Assign to Groups.

Assign drop-down on assignments tab

Click Assign on the right of the person or group you want to add.

Assign to people modal in Okta

Click Save and Go Back.

Save and go back button in Okta

Repeat the process for every user or group you want to assign to the integration.

When you have finished, click Done.

Done button in Okta

Want to Invite More Users to the SSO Apollo Party?

Don't see a user that you want to assign to Apollo? Follow the instructions in the Add Users Manually article in the Okta Knowledge Base. Then, refresh the page and follow the instructions above to assign the new user to the Apollo integration.

Okta displays every user that you have assigned to Apollo from the Assignments tab.

Several users on the assignment tab

Streamline User Management

Want to set up SCIM user provisioning to streamline user management between your Okta and Apollo accounts? Hop into the Configure SCIM User Provisioning article for the steps to take.

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Log into Apollo with SSO

Launch the the Apollo login page and click Log in with your organization.

Apollo sign in page

Enter your email address, and then click Log In.

Apollo SSO log in page

If you are already logged into Okta, Apollo redirects you to the homepage of your Apollo account.

If you are not logged into Okta, Apollo redirects you to the Okta sign-in page. Enter your credentials and click Sign in or click Sign in with Google.

Okta sign in page

Okta redirects you to the homepage of your Apollo account.

Great Power Comes with Great Responsibility

Please note, if you are an admin, there are a couple of extra steps to the login process. When you enter your credentials, Okta redirects you to your Okta account. Navigate to the Apollo app integration that you created and click it to open Apollo. Apollo app in Okta

You have now logged into Apollo via SSO.

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