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Custom snippets allow you to leverage custom field data directly in email templates.

Custom Fields Required

Please note, in order to use custom snippets, you must first create a custom field in Apollo. Custom fields are available for customers on Basic, Professional, and Custom plans. For additional information, refer to the "Create Custom Account Fields," "Create Custom Contact Fields," and " Create Custom User Fields" articles

After you have created a custom field in Apollo, whether it is a custom field for a contact, account, or user, Apollo automatically generates a corresponding custom snippet for it that you can use in an email template. You can make custom snippets a simple field, like the name of a prospect’s competitor, or something more complicated like a sentence regarding your thoughts on a contact's blog post. This allows you to send personalized emails with the help of automation.

Refer to the section below for instructions on how to use a custom snippet in an email template.

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Use A Custom Snippet in an Email Template

Launch Apollo and click Engage.


Create a new sequence or click one of your existing sequences to edit it.


Click one of the "New Threads" in any manual or automatic email step.


Place your cursor in the Body section of the "Edit Template" modal where you would like to add a Custom Snippet and then click Insert Snippet.

Insert Snippet

Click the Custom Fields tab.

Insert Snippet

Click a Custom Snippet from the list to add it to your email template.

Custom Snippet

The snippet renders in the "Preview" window if data is available for it.

Preview Window

If you would like to use the snippet in the subject line for your email template, cut and paste it into the Subject text-box.

Subject Line

Click Save Changes when you finish.

Save Changes

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Test Custom Snippets in an Email Template

In order to generate a snippet for a custom field, it needs to be updated for a specific contact or account profile. For this reason, you may want to test what will be displayed for a custom snippet from an email template.

Navigate to any thread in any manual or automatic email task within an Apollo sequence.

Email Thread

To add a Custom Snippet to the body of your email, click Insert Snippet.

Add Snippet

Then, click the Custom Fields tab.

Custom Fields Tab

Now that you've added the Custom Snippet to the body of your email, click the here link above the "Preview" window.

Here Link

Type a contacts name or select them directly from the Generate Preview for Contact drop-down. You should check whether this contact has the custom field updated for their profile if you want to see the snippet rendered in the "Preview Window."

Contact Preview

With the contact selected, Apollo renders the snippet in the "Preview" window with the data if it is available. If there is no available data for this contact, Apollo highlights the snippet in red in the "Preview" window.

Failed Snippet Render

Advanced Snippet Types With Conditional Logic

Please note, snippets without any data for a specific contact may result in Apollo moving the email to that contact to the Not Sent folder. To avoid this, you may want to leverage the conditional logic operators provided by Advanced Snippets. For additional information, please see the Use Advanced Snippets article.

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