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If you use Mailgun to send high volumes of emails, you can integrate your account with Apollo. This means that you can avoid sending messages directly from your connected mailbox in Apollo to bypass the regular email provider sending limits. As a result, you can send more emails without negatively impacting your domain's deliverability ratings.

Refer to the sections below for the steps to integrate your Mailgun account with Apollo.

Location Restrictions

Please note, if you created your Mailgun account with a domain from an EU server, unfortunately, you cannot currently integrate your Mailgun account with Apollo.

Connect Your Mailgun Account to Apollo

One Step at a Time, Folks!

Please note, before you can integrate Mailgun with Apollo, you need a Mailgun account. If you do not have an account, you can sign up here. For more information about getting started with Mailgun, please refer to the Getting Started section of the Mailgun Knowledge Base.

Once you have set up a Mailgun account, launch Apollo, click Settings, and then click Integrations under the "Configurations" section on the left.


Scroll to Mailgun and then click Connect.

Connect Mailgun Button on Integration Page

Fill in your Mailgun API Key and click Link Mailgun.

Link Mailgun Button

Getting the Goods!

If you're not sure where to find your Mailgun API Key, fear not! Mailgun has got you covered! Check out the Where Can I Find My API Key and SMTP Credentials? article on the Mailgun Knowledge Base for more information.

You have now connected your Mailgun account to Apollo.

Mailgun Integrated

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Enable Mailgun for a Mailbox

Click Settings. Then, click the Mailboxes tab in your Personal Profile.

Personal Profiles Settings

Click the Additional Options (...) button to select the mailbox that you would like to enable with Mailgun. Then, click Send emails from Mailgun.

Send Emails from Mailgun Button

You have now enabled Mailgun for a mailbox in Apollo.

You Call the Shots

Please note, you can stop sending emails from Mailgun at any time. To do so, click the Additional Options (...) button again and then click Stop sending emails from Mailgun.

Stop Sending Emails from Mailgun Button

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Confirm You're Set Up

To confirm that you've integrated Mailgun correctly, launch Apollo, click Settings, and then click the Mailbox tab.

Mailbox Tab in Settings

You will see Send From Mailgun below the default email address. This confirms that you have set up Mailgun correctly in Apollo.

Send From Mailgun Text Below Default Email

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Maximize Your Daily and Hourly Send Rates

Now that you have connected your Mailgun account to Apollo, you can safely maximize your daily and hourly send rates, without risking your domain reputation.

To do so, click Settings. Then, click manage sending limits under each linked Mailbox.

Manage Sending Limits

Click the mailbox for which you want to adjust the sending limits.


From here, you can adjust the Daily Sending Limit and the Maximum # of Emails to Send Per Hour.

Email Sending Limits

The Sky's (Almost) the Limit

Please note, the email sending limits with the Mailgun integration are 6000 per day and 500 per hour. If you need more, you can add additional mailboxes to increase sending limits. For more information on sending limits in Apollo, please read the Email Sending Limits Overview article.

You have now maximized your email sending limits in Apollo.

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