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Emails are a powerful engagement tool. With the right messages, you can build and strengthen relationships with your customers. However, writing emails is a time-consuming business! With the Apollo AI writing assistant, create and send effective messaging to your contacts at scale to maximize your productivity and outreach.

Apollo AI generates subject lines, copy, and personalized openers for your emails. Additionally, Apollo analyzes your emails against millions of successful exchanges to provide you with the latest email best practices, actionable tips to improve your subject lines and email copy, and scores.

Apollo Keeps Data Private

Apollo takes data privacy seriously, and this includes any content generated using AI capabilities. If you have questions about data privacy, please read Apollo's AI policy. You can also email us with any data privacy concerns.

Refer to the following sections to learn how to write and improve your emails using AI-generated content and analysis.

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Write Individual Emails Using AI

To write an email to a single contact using AI:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > People. Find a contact you want to email and click their name to access their profile page.
  2. In the Contact information widget, click the email address you want to use to email the contact. Pick an email address.
  3. When you write an email, Apollo provides AI-generated content based on the company and product info that you provide. Click a subject line and body to add it to your draft. Choose your email content.
  4. (Optional) If you want the email to be more targeted to the recipient, click Personalization settings. Choose your email content.
    Provide information such as pain points and value propositions that are specific to the contact, then click Back to email. Choose your email content.
  5. Click Send Now to send the email immediately, or Delivery Schedule to send the email at a specific time.

You've now sent an email with the help of AI-generated content.

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Rephrase Email Language

With the rephrase option, Apollo's AI rewrites sections of your email based on the guidance you provide, such as making text shorter, breaking text into bullet points, or simplifying the language used. You can use AI to edit the emails you write yourself or to adjust AI-generated content.

To use the rephrase option when you write an email:

  1. Click Rephrase. Choose to rephrase your email.
  2. Highlight the text that you want Apollo's AI to edit, then click the instructions you want to use. To compare your options, click multiple instructions. Select the text to edit.
  3. (Optional) To provide Apollo's AI with more specific editing instructions, enter your request in the text box, then click Rephrase text. Give the Apollo AI instructions for editing.
  4. Review the newly generated messaging. If you like the changes, click Insert text to replace the selected text directly in the email draft. You can also regenerate the text if you want to consider a different option. Give the Apollo AI instructions for editing.

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Analyze Emails to Improve Messaging

A Bit of Beta Makes it Better!

This feature is currently in Beta. We are constantly working to improve the usability of Apollo for you and your team.

If you're not sure whether an email is good enough to send, use Apollo's AI email analyzer to rate your emails for reading time, reading level, clarity, and structure. This helps ensure that you optimize your emails for engagement and send messages that your prospects want to open and read.

To analyze emails before you send them, click Analyze. You should strive for a score of 90+ to increase your reply rate.

Give the Apollo AI instructions for editing.

If Apollo's email analyzer marks an email as not ready to send, review each suggestion and implement the advice. Then, click Refresh score.

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Use Personalized Email Openers

Personalization is a key component of successful email messaging. When you enable AI-generated personalized openers for emails, Apollo tailors the opener of each message to the specific events or information most relevant to each contact. This helps grab their attention, build rapport, and increase the likelihood of a response while significantly reducing your research time.

Depending on the data available for a contact, there are several types of personalized openers that Apollo generates, including:

  • Company mission: Speak to contacts on their level with openers tailored to their core company goals and values.
  • Current role: Meet contacts where they are at with openers that relate to their current position within a company.
  • Upcoming anniversary: Build rapport by anticipating upcoming milestones.
  • Job focus: Tailor the start of your message to the specific areas that contacts care most about.
  • Solution focus: Focus on resolving your recipient's pain points.
  • Work history: Mention your recipient's past work experience.
  • Work anniversary: Show you've done your research with timely openers that touch on a recent anniversary.

If you've set up signals, Apollo also generates signal-based openers for individual emails.

The following tabs walk through how to generate and use personalized openers for both individual emails and emails in a sequence.

To add personalized openers to an individual email, click Generate > Email opener. Generate personalized openers for the contact. Find the opener that you want to use, then click the copy icon and paste the text into your email. Copy and paste a opener.

To add personalized openers to emails in your sequence, toggle on the Use personalized openers option when editing the email. Apollo adds a personalized opener placeholder at the top of the email template. View the personalize opener placeholder. For every contact you add to your sequence, Apollo automatically chooses between several potential openers based on the data available for the contact. To review potential openers, select a contact from the Generate Preview for Contact drop-down, then select a preview. If an option is grayed out, Apollo does not have the necessary opener to generate that preview. Preview potential openers. If Apollo does not have enough data to generate a personalized opener for a contact, or if your company reaches its AI-generated word limit, by default Apollo sends the email without an opener. You can choose to send the email with a generic opener or pause the sequence instead. However, you should avoid sending too many generic emails if you want to avoid spam filters. Choose how to proceed without a personalized opener.

One Language at a Time

Currently, the Apollo AI writing assistant only speaks English. Apollo hopes to bring you a solution with polyglot powers in the future, but language learning takes time, so sit back and enjoy the English version for now.

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Track Your AI Word Usage

Want More Words?

Your Apollo plan determines how many words you can generate with the AI writing assistant. Please refer to Apollo's pricing page for specific word counts by plan. All the words generated by Apollo AI per user count towards your monthly limit. This includes all the words in the email copy and personalized opener options that Apollo generates for you. Unused AI words do not roll over from 1 monthly billing cycle to the next, so make sure your team takes advantage of Apollo AI from the start of each billing cycle.

Want to increase the number of words your team can generate per month? Click Request Upgrade from the the AI history settings in Apollo.

To track the number of AI words you and your team use, launch Apollo and click Settings > AI Word Usage. From here, you can view how many AI words your team has generated within the current billing cycle and the date when the word count will reset.

Review the team's AI word usage.

The Team's AI word usage history section also shows the number of AI words generated per user in your team and the date they were generated. Use the filters to review AI use by specific date ranges and users.

AI words breakdown by user

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Use AI-generated Emails in Your Sequences

You aren't limited to writing individual emails using AI-generated content. Hop into Apollo sequences and start drafting emails with the helping hand of AI!

If you've never set up a sequence in Apollo, refer to Sequences Overview for more information.

It's For (Almost) Everyone!

There are certain countries, such as Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Iran, where AI features are blocked. If you are based in one of these countries, you cannot currently take advantage of Apollo AI in your messaging workflow. But stay tuned. Who knows what the bright, AI-filled future might hold!

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