Enable Do Not Call (DNC) List Screening in Apollo

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We're Fine Tuning the Magic Formula!

Please note, this feature is currently only available for new direct dial requests. Apollo is working hard behind the scenes to bring you Do Not Call screening for your existing, saved numbers as well as the numbers in your connected CRM, so stay tuned for further updates.

To help you stay compliant and give you more visibility, Apollo offers screening against US and UK Do Not Call (DNC) lists for new phone numbers that you request.

Refer to the following steps to turn on DNC screening and see the feature in action when you request new direct dial numbers in Apollo.

Admin Only

Please note, only admin users can activate DNC screening in Apollo. If you do not have access but want to turn the feature on for your team, please contact an admin.

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Turn On DNC Screening For UK and US Numbers

On the Other Side of the Pond?

Based in the UK and wondering what all this DNC business is about? Fear not! When you turn on the Do Not Call toggle and request a new direct dial, Apollo displays the Do Not Call tag for any numbers on the US Do Not Call registry or the UK Telephone Preference Service (TPS). It's the same concept, just a different name for our friends across the pond. The steps below still apply. For more information on the DNC registry, refer to the Federal Trade Commission website. To learn more about the TPS, please refer to the TPS website.

To turn on the DNC screening of new direct dial numbers for you and your team:

  1. Launch Apollo and then click Settings > Prospecting Config.
  2. Scroll to DNC list screening and click the toggle to activate it. DNC Toggle
  3. You have now turned on DNC list screening for your new direct dial requests in Apollo.

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Direct Dial Requests

If you turn on DNC screening, Apollo runs the number against the DNC registry when you request a new direct dial in Apollo. If the number is on the registry, Apollo displays a Do Not Call tag in the following 3 places:

  1. From the search page, when you hover your mouse over the dialer icon of a saved contact or account. Do not call tag on search screen
  2. From a contact's profile page. Do not call tag
  3. From within your active tasks. Do not call tag from tasks

Apollo charges 1 credit for every new direct dial request you make, regardless of whether you turn on the DNC toggle. If you activate the toggle and a number you request is on the UK or US registry, Apollo still charges you 1 credit for the request. It is then at your discretion to decide if you call the contact or not.

DNC screening provides add-on value to help you identify which numbers are protected against telemarketing and should only be contacted for a permitted reason.

Make Sure You're Sure!

Please note, you can call any direct dial number from the Apollo dialer. However, unless you have a permitted reason to contact the prospect, Apollo advises that you do not call contacts on the DNC registry. Additionally, if Apollo notifies you that a contact has requested to be removed from the Apollo database, you should not contact them unless you have a separate legal basis to do so. You are responsible for ensuring that any call that you make from the Apollo dialer is compliant with law.

Request a Direct Dial in Apollo

To request a direct dial number in Apollo and identify if a number is on the DNC list:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search. Then, apply filters to your search.
  2. Scroll to the Phone column next to a contact's details and click Request Mobile Number. Phone column in search
  3. Apollo displays the company number and initiates the verification process for the direct dial. Apollo may take a few minutes to verify the contact's mobile number. Direct dial verification
  4. You have now requested a direct dial for a contact in Apollo. If Apollo finds a verified mobile number for the contact, you can view the number from the Saved tab on the search page, from their profile page, or within your active tasks. If the contact is on the UK or US registry, you will see a Do Not Call tag next to their number. Do Not Call Tag

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Try it Out in Apollo

Now It's Your Turn!

Ready to take the DNC feature for a spin? There's no time like the present. Head to the Prospecting Config setting in Apollo and turn that toggle on!