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The Opportunities feature is now Deals. As part of a Beta program, Apollo is currently improving the Deals feature in big ways.

This means you might notice differences between this article and the feature in the Apollo app as we finalize the changes. Stay tuned for more updates.

Apollo Deals help you to track possible deals with prospective customers. Deals, in addition to people and company records, allow you to manage your entire sales pipeline directly within Apollo.

Refer to the section below to learn how to create new deals in Apollo.

Professional and Custom Plans Only

The Deals feature in Apollo is only available to customers who have purchased Professional and Custom Plans.

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Create a New Deal

There are three places that include the + New Deal button in the Apollo platform: the Deals page, account profiles, and contact profiles. The process to create new deals is the same regardless of what page you start from.

To create a new deal, launch Apollo and click Deals.


Click + New Deal.

New Deal

All new deals include two sections, Basics and Custom Fields

New Deal Window

The Basics section will always include the following fields:

  • Name: This is the name of the deal. It can be anything that you choose, but it is best to keep it specific and descriptive.
  • Amount: This is the projected amount for the deal before it closes. You can update this field once a deal has closed to account for the actual contract amount.
  • Deal Stage: This is the stage for the deal in the pipeline. The available options in the drop-down are populated by the stages you have defined in Settings.
  • Close Date: Once you have closed a deal, update this field with the final contract date.
  • Account: This is the company that is associated with the deal.
  • Owner: This is the Apollo user who owns or maintains the relationship with this account or deal.


The Custom Fields section displays all of the custom fields that you have previously created for deals. To add or remove additional custom fields, click + Add/Remove Custom Deal Field.

+ Add/Remove Custom Deal Field

When you're finished configuring your new deal, click Save.


Deal Stages and Salesforce

If you have integrated Salesforce with your Apollo account, Apollo automatically disables the creation of new Opportunity stages. Apollo does this because it is not possible to create or update Opportunity stages through the Salesforce API. The Salesforce Opportunity page is configured as read-only, which means Apollo can only pull this data from Salesforce. Apollo will reflect whatever Opportunity stages you have configured on the Salesforce side.

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Disable Deals Functionality

If your team wants to hide Deals-related functionality for operational reasons, you can disable them by clicking the toggle at the top of the page at Settings—>Deals—>Stages.

Hide Deals

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