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Deals help you to track possible deals with prospective customers. In addition to people and company records, deals enables you to manage your entire sales pipeline directly within Apollo.

You can also add tasks specifically related to your deals. These tasks ensure that you are aware of any actions you need to take to progress your deals to the next stage on time.

Refer to the following section to learn how to create new deals and add tasks for your deals.

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Create a New Deal

To create a new deal:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click New Deal. Create a new deal.
  3. Enter information for the required fields:

    Deal name: This is the name of the deal. It can be anything that you choose, but it is best to keep it specific and descriptive.
    Deal stage: This is the stage for the deal in the pipeline. The available options in the drop-down are populated by the stages you have defined in your settings.
    Account: This is the company that is associated with the deal.
    Next step: Enter details about the next action that needs to be taken on this deal.

    You can decide whether to enter details for the other fields, including any custom fields that your team includes in deals. Enter deal information.
  4. Click Save.

Once created, your deal is added to the deals page.

Deal Stages and Salesforce

If you've integrated Salesforce with your Apollo account, Apollo uses the Opportunity stages you have configured on the Salesforce side for your deals stages, and automatically disables the creation of new deal stages.

Apollo does this because it is not possible to create or update Opportunity stages through the Salesforce API. The Salesforce Opportunity page is configured as read-only, which means Apollo can only pull this data from Salesforce.

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Change Fields in Deal Form

There are 3 places that include the New Deal button in the Apollo platform: the Deals page, account profiles, and contact profiles. The process to create new deals is the same regardless of what page you start from.

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click New Deal. Create a new deal.
  3. Click Customize deal form. Customize your deal form.
  4. Click the Set as required checkbox for a field to make it a required field or not. Set a field as required.
  5. Click and drag a field's left handle to change its position in the order when creating a new deal. Sort the fields.
  6. Click the trash can icon to remove a field from the deal creation form. Remove a field from the form.
  7. Click Save to update the deal creation form for your team.

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Add Deal Tasks

Tasks help keep you on track with any action items that you need to complete for a deal.

To add a task for a deal:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click My Deal Tasks. Find your deal tasks.
  3. Click New task. Add a new task.
  4. Select and enter all relevant details for the task, including: the task's deal, the name of the task, a due date, and the priority of the task. Then, click Create task. Enter details for your task.
  5. Click the Upcoming tab to view you task.

Alternatively, you can add a task from the deal's page. To do so:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Either click the empty space in a row for any deal to open the details sidebar, or click the deal title to access the same information on a separate page. Columns to Show
  3. In the Details tab, find the Tasks section. Then, click the + icon. Add a task.
  4. Select and enter all relevant details for the task, including the name of the task, a due date, and the priority of the task. Then, click Create task. Enter task details.

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Track Deal Tasks

You can track and complete your tasks in several areas across Apollo, including:

  • The Apollo task manager.
  • The Apollo control center.
  • The My Deal Tasks sidebar.
  • A deal's page.

To find your tasks in the control center:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Home Control center.
  2. Find the To-do list section and click Tasks. Here, you can find all of your action items in Apollo, including your deal-related tasks. Find your tasks.
  3. If you click the checkbox for a task, you can perform a variety of actions, including reassigning the task to someone else and marking the task as complete. Take action on your tasks.

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Create and Update Deals Automatically

Plays enable you to create and update your deals automatically based on account and contact triggers. These automations help you better track your deals and reduces the time you spend on deal management.

To use plays to manage your deals:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Plays.
  2. Begin to create a play. You can create one from scratch or use a template.
  3. For the When part of your play setup, select the Based on a trigger event option. Then, choose either People or Companies to find the contact-based and account-based trigger options and select your trigger event. This example shows the Account updated trigger event. Set when a play runs.
  4. Click Continue. Then, if needed, edit the If part of your play.
  5. For the Then part of your play setup, click either Update deal or Create deal depending on the automation you want to build. Choose to update or create deals.
  6. To update deals, choose the deal field that will be updated and potentially related information such as the deal pipeline. Update deals. To create deals, choose the relevant deal pipeline and select the stage the deal will update to when the automation is triggered. If this play is intended for only you or a single member of your team, choose a deal owner. Create deals.
  7. Click Continue to save your automation selection.
  8. (Optional) Click Add action within the Then part of your play to add more automations such as email or Slack notifications. Refer to Create a Play for more information.
  9. Name your play, then click Save changes. Save your deal.

Your deal-related play is now active. Repeat these steps to create or update more deals using automations in Apollo.

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