Access and Manage Deals

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Dustin Nathaniel Keys


Deals help you to track sales opportunities with prospective customers so you can manage your entire sales pipeline directly within Apollo. Once you create a deal, you can access and manage the deal across the deal lifetime.

Check out the following section to access, manage, and action deals.

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Access and Manage Deals

To access deals:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Review your team's deals.

Use table view.

  1. By default, your deals are arranged in a table view, with deals ordered based on when they were created. Click a column header to sort by the column. Click Freeze column to float the column over your results as you scroll.

Sort by columns

  1. To customize your view, click Settings.

Settings icon is highlighted

  1. Click Kanban board to see your deals in a Kanban board format. This option allows you to more easily view your deals organized by current stage.

Customize columns

  1. Click Fields to customize the columns present on the deals page. Then check to add or remove field columns.

Customize columns

  1. When finished, click .
  2. To save your view, click Save as new view.

Save view button

  1. To find specific deals, use search filters and hone in on details like stage or deal owner.

Search filters

  1. You can save your search to use later or to share with teammates.
  2. To export deals to a CSV file, check one or more deals.
  3. Then click ... > Export. Click Download.

Export deals data.

  1. To access more information about a deal, click the deal.
  2. From your deal, you can add and view contacts, take action on tasks and create new tasks, add notes, and associate phone calls and recorded meeting conversations with the deal. You can also review and manage any fields related to the deal, including deal stage.
  3. Click Log activity to associate an activity.

View items related to the deal.

  1. Log the activity, and use the activity tab to view a timeline of events related to the deal, like emails, notes, and conversations.

Export deals data.

You have now accessed and managed deals in Apollo.

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