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Deals help you track sales opportunities with prospective customers so you can manage your entire sales pipeline directly in Apollo. Create deals to track sales opportunities, then add tasks to tackle the actions needed to progress your deals to the next stage.

Check out the following sections to create a deal, add and assign tasks, and use plays to automate your deal workflows.

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Create a Deal

To create a deal:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click Create deal.

Create a new deal.

    1. Enter information for the required fields:

      • Deal name: This is the name of the deal. It can be anything that you choose, but it is best to keep it specific and descriptive.
      • Deal stage: This is the stage for the deal in the pipeline. The available options in the drop-down are populated by the stages you have defined in your settings.

Your team may have configured additional required fields for deals.

Additionally, you can decide whether to enter details for the remaining fields, including any custom fields. Click Show custom fields to add or remove custom deal fields from the deal.

Enter deal information.

Deal Stages and CRMs

If you use the Salesforce integration with Apollo, Apollo uses the opportunity stages in Salesforce for your deals stages and deactivates the creation of new deal stages. Learn more.

  1. When finished, click Save.

You have now created a deal. Once created, new deals appear on your Deals. You can update the deal status, change owners, associate conversations, or add tasks over time.

Add It All Up

Check out Report on Deals to analyze the health of your sales pipeline and gain powerful insights into your deals.

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Add and Assign Deal Tasks

Tasks help keep your team on track with any action items that you need to complete for a deal.

To add a task for a deal:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click My Deal Tasks.

Find your deal tasks.

  1. Click New task.

Add a new task.

  1. Enter all relevant details for the task, including the deal, the name of the task, the due date, and the task priority. Choose who to assign the task to, and click Create task.

Enter details for your task.

  1. Click the Upcoming tab to view your task.

Alternatively, you can add a task from a deal:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click any deal to preview the deal details, or click the deal name to access the full view.
  3. Click + under Tasks to add a new task.

You have now added and assigned a deal task. You can track deal tasks over time.

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Track Deal Tasks

You can track and complete your deal tasks to stay up-to-date on action items.

To track and complete tasks:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Tasks.
  2. Review your assigned tasks. Click a task to review additional details.

Find your tasks.

  1. Click Complete to complete the task, or you can reassign the task to another person.

Take action on your tasks.

You have now completed a deal task.

Task Talk

Did you know? You can also create tasks for accounts and contacts to stay on top of prospecting initiatives. Learn more about tasks on Apollo.

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Use Plays with Deals

Plays enable you to create and update deals automatically based on account and contact triggers. These automations help you better track deals and can reduce the time you spend on deal management.

To use plays to manage your deals:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Plays.
  2. Create a play. You can create one from scratch or use a template.
  3. For When, select Based on a trigger event. Then, choose either People or Companies to find the contact-based or account-based trigger options and select your trigger event.

Set when a play runs.

  1. Click Continue. If needed, edit If on your play.
  2. For Then, click either Update deal or Create deal depending on the automation you want to build.

Choose to update or create deals.

  1. To update deals, choose the deal field that will be updated and related information such as the deal pipeline.
  2. To create deals, choose the relevant deal pipeline and select the stage the deal will update to when the automation triggers. Choose a deal owner if you only intend for one member of your team to use this play.

Create deals.

  1. Click Continue.
  2. (Optional) Click Add action under Then to add more automations such as email or Slack notifications. Check out Create a Play to learn more.
  3. Give your play a name, and click Save changes.

Save your deal.

Your deal play is now active. Repeat these steps to create or update more deals using play automations.

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