Use the Apollo Chrome Extension in Google Calendar

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Matthew Charles

Google Calendar Integration


The Apollo Chrome Extension is now fully compatible with Google Calendar. You no longer need to jump between your Google Calendar and LinkedIn account to research your meeting guests. Get to know your prospects from one centralized location.

Read on to see how the Apollo Chrome Extension can improve your workflow in Google Calendar.

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Enable the Google Calendar Integration

To enable the Google Calendar integration with the Apollo Chrome Extension, click the Apollo Icon on your Chrome browser.

Extension Icon

Get That Extension!

Please note, you can only use the Google Calendar integration on a Chrome browser and if you install the Apollo Chrome Extension. Read the Apollo Chrome Extension Overview for more information. You know you want to.

Click the toggle to enable the Google Calendar integration.

Integration Toggle

Click Allow to give the Apollo Chrome Extension the needed additional permissions.


You have now enabled the Google Calendar integration.

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Use the New Functionality

Open your Google Calendar and click a meeting on your schedule.


In the Google Calendar modal, click the Apollo Icon next to an invitee.


Click the Apollo Icon on the right-hand side to view the details about your contact. From here, you can view specific information about the contact.


Click the pop-out button to view the Contact in Apollo.

Contact Page

Click View Profile to go directly to the Contact's LinkedIn profile.


Scroll to view more information about the Contact's company.

Company Details

Click Insights to view more information about technologies, funding, and hiring for your Contact's current company.


Click Colleagues to view people with whom your Contact works.


Click Activities to have the option to create notes, log information about calls, create action items, or create tasks.


Click the Additional Options (...) button to access options for the Apollo Chrome Extension, including enabling or disabling the Google Calendar integration.


At Your Leisure

Please note, the Google Calendar integration can be enabled and disabled at any time. You don't have to keep it enabled forever, but wouldn't it be cooler if you did?

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The Gmail Calendar Sidebar

The Google Calendar integration works with the sidebar in Gmail. Click the meeting you want to view.


Click the Apollo Icon next to the Contact you want to view.

Apollo Icon

The information in the Contact panel is the same as in the full view of Google Calendar.

Contact Panel

An Apollo Recommendation

Please note, Apollo recommends that you use the full view of the Google Calendar. While the sidebar is compatible, you simply don't have the luxurious amount of space afforded to you in the full-view calendar.

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