Use the Apollo Chrome Extension in Google Calendar

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Brandan Blevins


With the Apollo Chrome extension installed, you no longer need to jump between your Google Calendar and LinkedIn account to research your meeting guests. Get to know your prospects from one centralized location.

To research contacts directly in your Google Calendar:

  1. Go to your Google Calendar, then create a new meeting or open an existing meeting.
  2. Click the Apollo icon next to an invitee. Meeting
  3. The Chrome extension opens on the right side. Access the following tabs to learn more about a contact and their company. • Overview: This tab provides all the available data Apollo has for the contact's company.
    Insights: This tab shows signals related to the company, along with information about the company's technologies, hiring trends, and funding rounds.
    Colleagues: This tab shows information about the company's employees. Use filters to find prospects by factors such as job title, or search for them directly. You can also save a contact directly from this tab.
    Activities: This tab shows previous interactions that you and your team have had with the company. You can also log new activities such as notes or tasks directly to Apollo.
Extend Yourself to Gmail

If you use Google Calendar, you probably also use Gmail. And guess what? Apollo's Chrome extension can also be used in Gmail! Refer to Use the Apollo Chrome Extension in Gmail for more details.

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