Import a CSV of Deals

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In Beta

Apollo is busy launching deal import via CSV. While this feature is in beta, some functionality may change.

If you have a list of deals that you want to use in Apollo, import them as a CSV. This enables you to add your deals from other CRMs and manage them in Apollo.

No Integrations Beyond This Point

If your team is using Apollo’s integrations with Salesforce or HubSpot, you won't be able to upload deals CSVs. Instead, you should sync your deals between your CRM and Apollo.

The following sections show you how to upload a deals CSV.

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Import Deals

Step 0: Create Pipelines

If you’ve already created pipelines in Apollo, you can move forward to Step 1.

If you don’t already have pipelines for your deals in Apollo:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Objects > Deals.
  2. Click Create Pipeline. Create a new pipeline.
  3. Name your pipeline and click Save.
  4. Apollo provides standard deal stages. To add a stage, click Create stage. Create stages.
  5. Name your stage and choose the deal type, probability, and forecast category. Then, click Add Stage. Repeat to add more stages. Add stages.
  6. Click and drag a deal stage’s handle to move it to a different spot in the pipeline. To edit or remove a deal stage, click > Edit or Delete. Add stages.

Your pipeline is ready to use. Move forward to Step 1 to format your CSV for upload.

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Step 1: Format Your CSV

Before you import deals, format your CSV to include the following required columns:

  • name
  • amount
  • account
  • account_domain

The following columns need to be addressed either in your CSV or when uploading the CSV in Step 2:

  • pipeline
  • stage
  • owner

Download a sample CSV file that includes the columns. Avoid uploading CSV files that are larger than 50MB. Instead, split large CSVs into separate, smaller files.

Map Accounts and Contacts to Deals

As part of the CSV upload process, you can also associate accounts and contacts to your deals. You do need to provide additional information for accounts and deals. For example, if you map any column to the contact field in Apollo, you also need to provide first names, last names, and emails either in your CSV or when uploading the CSV.

With your CSV formatted, you're ready to upload your CSV and import deals.

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Step 2: Upload Your CSV

To upload a CSV of deals:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click Import CSV. Import via CSV.
  3. Click Select CSV File. Choose a CSV file to upload. Upload a file.
  4. Map your CSV column headers to the corresponding Apollo fields. Apollo automatically maps headers when possible. Map column headers to fields.
  5. Configure settings for the imported accounts:
    • If there is no value for deal pipeline set deals to the following pipeline: Add deals to a specific pipeline when there is no matching pipeline value.
    • If there is no value for deal stage set deals to the following stage: Pick a stage for deals that have no matching deal stage value.
    • If there is no value for deal owner assign deals to the following owner: Select the user in Apollo that should own the imported deals when there is no matching deal owner value.
    • If there is no value for contact role set deals to the following contact role: Set the role for the deal's contact, such as Decision Maker or Evaluator, when there is no matching contact role value.
    Choose upload settings.
  6. Click Import to upload your file.

Most uploads finish in a few minutes, but large CSVs can take a few hours.

To check the status of your upload, click Settings > Imports and exports > Deals Import.

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Find Imported Deals

Once you've successfully uploaded a file of deals, you can find and manage deals on the Deals page.

To find your imported deals:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Deals.
  2. Click the Deal CSV Import filter, then filter for imported deals. Filter based on imported deals.

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Troubleshoot CSV Upload Errors

If you encounter an issue when uploading deals CSVs, the following troubleshooting steps can help you navigate the problem:

Error Guidance
Missing required column A required column is missing in the CSV. Review the required columns in the Format Your CSV section, then add the missing columns to your CSV.
Invalid option value An upload option has an invalid value. For example, this problem occurs if you select a default pipeline, but that pipeline is no longer available. Review the upload settings in the Upload Your CSV section.
Missing required default value You didn’t choose a default contact role for your upload. When you map the first_name, last_name, or email columns in your CSV to contacts, you must also select a default contact role when uploading your file.
Owner validation You mapped a column to the owner field, but included a value that doesn’t match any users in your Apollo account. Review the values in the column and ensure all of them match to your Apollo users.
Invalid column value This error can occur in several situations, including:
  • You mapped a column mapped to a pipeline, but a row in your file has an empty value for pipeline and you haven’t selected a default pipeline.
  • You mapped a column to a stage, but a row in your file has an empty value for stage and you haven’t selected a default stage.
  • You mapped a column mapped to owners, but a row has an empty value for owner and you haven’t selected a default owner.
  • You mapped columns to pipelines or stages, but included invalid values for them.
  • You mapped a column to stages, but a row has a value that either doesn’t belong to the corresponding pipeline or your choice for the default pipeline.
Invalid custom field You mapped a column to a custom field, but included an invalid value. This can happen when there mismatches in:
  • Type: The custom field is numeric, but the provided value is a string.
  • Format: The custom field is a date/time, but the date format is not valid.
  • Value: The custom field is bound to specific values, but the values in the CSV do not match those specific values. For example, picklist custom fields.

If your problem isn't covered in the errors table, these issues could be impacting your ability to upload deals CSVs:

  • Your team has exceeded the weekly limit of 100,000 rows for deals.
  • You don’t have permission to upload a CSV file.
  • Your attachment wasn’t found or was deleted.

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