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The dialer lets you make and receive phone calls without leaving Apollo, so you can reach prospects faster. Call contacts directly from their profile to move them forward in the sales process, and save your calls with key takeaways. 

Use the dialer to save time by automatically dropping voicemail on unanswered calls, and learn from each interaction with automated call recording and transcription. Amplify your outreach with live call coaching and team calls, then report on calls to learn and improve over time.

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Check out the following details to get started with the dialer.

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Get Started

The dialer lets you call prospects directly in Apollo, so you can reach prospects and record calls, take notes, and save call takeaways in a central place. You can seamlessly join team calls, and report on calls to find the most receptive contacts, all without juggling multiple apps.

Start calling with the dialer in a few steps:

  1. Get an Apollo phone number. An Apollo phone number enables call logging, recording, transcription and more. To get started, sign up for a US or international phone number on Apollo.
  2. Set dialer preferences. Configure incoming and outgoing call preferences, so you can dial in-browser or from your mobile phone.
  3. Best practices. Review our cold calling best practices for call scripts, objection handling, and tips to master the art of the dial.
  4. Make and receive calls. Start dialing and reach out directly to any of Apollo’s highly accurate database of hundreds of millions of people and businesses.
  5. Voicemail drops. Record a standard set of voicemails a single time in Apollo, then automatically drop the recordings at the end of your calls when there’s no answer.
  6. Manage, coach, and join calls. Call as a team in power hours, or join calls as an observer to coach reps towards success.
  7. Save and share call recordings. Celebrate your wins, reflect on takeaways, and improve over time with saved calls.

Ready to dive in? Grab a phone number, set the dialer preferences, and make and receive calls.

It's in the Plan

Apollo plans that include the dialer come with dialing minutes tied to dollar spend per plan. View your dialer usage any time.

If you need to access dialer, upgrade your plan. If you have questions about upgrading, reach out to the Apollo sales team.

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