Troubleshoot the Apollo Chrome Extension

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Brandan Blevins


The Apollo Chrome extension enables you to access key Apollo features directly within Gmail, LinkedIn, and across many company websites. As with any browser extension, you might encounter issues while you use the Apollo Chrome extension.

The following sections detail troubleshooting tips that you can utilize if you encounter any problems. The troubleshooting steps in this article are only applicable to extensions for the Google Chrome web browser.

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Troubleshooting Steps

Reload the Extension

Reloading browser extensions can resolve many issues. To reload the Apollo extension:

  1. Click the extension icon in the Chrome browser. Then, find the Apollo extension and click the vertical ellipsis for it. Find the extension.
  2. Click Reload Apollo Extension. The extension should reload in a few seconds. Reload the extension.

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Update the Extension

Make sure the Apollo extension is up-to-date. Type chrome://extensions in your browser's address bar, click the Developer Mode toggle in the top right corner, and then click the Update button that appears at the top of the page to confirm your extensions are up to date.

Chrome Extension Dev Mode

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Update the Chrome Browser

Make sure the Chrome browser is up-to-date. Type chrome://settings/help in your browser's address bar. The page that loads will display whether Chrome is up to date or provide you with an option to update it.

Chrome Browser Up-To-Date

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Check For Blocked Cookies

Type chrome://settings/content/cookies in your browser's address bar and double check that you aren't blocking third-party cookies.


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Perform a Hard Refresh

Perform a hard refresh on your browser with the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+R for Macs or Ctrl+F5 for PCs. This clears the browser's cache for a specific page.

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Clear Your Browser Cache

Try clearing the entire browser's cache. Type chrome://settings/privacy in your browser's address bar and click Privacy and Security to get to your browsing data. Click Clear Browsing Data to bring up the menu that allows you to clear your cache.

Privacy and Security

Once you see the menu, you can change the time range the data that you would like to clear. Click the drop-down and select All Time. Then, on the bottom right, click Clear Data to clear your cache.


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Check For Multiple Instances of Apollo

Double check that only one instance of Apollo is open and only one instance of Gmail or Salesforce is open in another tab or in another window.

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Verify Extension Compatibility

To check which extensions you have running, type chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome browser address bar. You can turn each extension on or off by clicking the toggle.

Extensions Toggle

To test if you are having compatibility issues with other extensions, give the Apollo Chrome Extension permission to run in incognito mode by clicking Details.

Extension Details

From the Details menu, scroll down to Allow in Incognito and click the toggle to allow the Apollo Chrome Extension to run in incognito mode.

Allow in Incognito

After you enable the Apollo Chrome Extension to run in incognito mode, launch an incognito window. Click the three vertical dots in the righthand corner and select New Incognito Window. If the Apollo Chrome Extension works properly when you log into Gmail or Apollo in the incognito window, then you likely have a compatibility issue with one of your other extensions.

Incognito Window

Known Compatibility Issues

Apollo is aware of compatibility issues with the following extensions:

  • Chili Piper
  • Ghostery
  • CirrusInsights
  • Salesforce IQ
  • Persist IQ
  • Webex

If you encounter compatibility issues with a different extension, Apollo recommends that you disable or remove the interfering extension. You can also whitelist the website you have issues with if the incompatible extension offers that functionality. Finally, you can operate the incompatible extension in a separate Chrome Profile.

If the steps in this article do not resolve your issues, please contact the Apollo Technical Support team.

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