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Filters enable you to include or exclude specific subsets of data when you search for new contacts or accounts in Apollo. This helps you to better segment and personalize your team's approach so you can find and engage with the right contacts at the right time.

You can access many types of filters in Apollo. Person info filters help you narrow your search for contacts according to qualities such as job titles, locations, and job changes.

Check Your Apollo Plan

The availability of certain search filters is based on your Apollo plan. Please refer to Apollo's pricing page for more information.

The following sections detail how to access and use person info filters.

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Access Person Info Filters

Person info filters are only available when searching people. You cannot access these filters when searching companies.

To find and use person info filters:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search People.
  2. To access all of the search filters, click More Filters. View all search filters.
  3. Open the Type drop-down, then keep only the Person Info option active. Person Info Filters
  4. Apply the person info filters you want to use for the search. Then, click Apply Filters to save the changes. Save your changes.

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Filter by a contact's full name, first name, or last name. This narrows your search to the specific individuals that you want to find or to any popular names that you would like to target.

To filter by name, expand the Name accordion and type the contact name in the search bar.

Name Filter

To delete a name from the filter, click the Name accordion again. Then, click either X to remove the filter.

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Job Titles

Filter by the job titles of your ideal contacts. This means that you can segment a search to include only the most relevant positions for your campaigns.

To filter by job title, expand the Job Titles accordion.

Job Title Filter

There are several ways to filter by job title.

If you want to search for specific roles, you can use the search bar to type in the job titles that you want to include in a search.

Job Title Search]

To view contacts who have previously worked in a particular role, click the Include past job titles checkbox. Then, search for past job titles.

Include Past Job Titles Checkbox and Search Bar

To filter by management level titles, expand the accordion for Management Level. Then, click the checkbox for each role that you want to search.

Management Level

To filter by departments or functions, expand the Departments & Job Function accordion. Search for specific roles or click the checkbox for roles that you want to search.

Departments and Job Function

Click + next to a checkbox to search for a more specific role. You can add as many roles as you want.

Job Function Specificity

Click Create New Persona to build and save a new persona.

Create New Persona Button

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Filter by your ideal personas. You can include filters that group together key characteristics of the ideal contacts that you want to target in a search.

To add an existing persona to a search, expand the Persona accordion and click the checkbox for each persona that you want to search.

Add Existing Personas

To create a new persona, click + Persona.

+ Persona

To edit an existing persona, hover on the persona, then click Edit.

Edit Persona

To review or edit all of the existing personas, click All Personas.

All Personas

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Filter your searches by locations, including cities, states, countries, and zip codes.

To add location filters, expand the Location accordion, then click the Contact or Account HQ tab.

Location Drop-down

Enter a region and/or ZIP code radius to search. The ZIP code radius filter is only available for net new records and not for saved records.

Region Drop-down

Click Exclude locations to add locations that you do not want to include in the search.

Exclude Locations

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Time Zone

Filter your search by time zones to find contacts that are based in specific regions.

To do so, expand the Time Zone accordion, then choose a time zone. You can add multiple time zones.

Time Zone Filter

To delete a specific time zone from the filter, click it. To remove all time zones, click the X.

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Job Change

Filter your search to find contacts that have or have not changed jobs.

To do so, expand the Job Change accordion and click the checkbox for the option you want to use.

Job Change

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Total Years of Experience

Filter your search by the amount of experience a contact has accumulated in their respective field.

To apply the filter, expand the Total Years of Experience accordion. Then, enter either a minimum number, a maximum number, or both to set the range by which you want to filter.

Total Years of Experience Filter

To remove the number of years from the filter, delete the numbers or click the X.

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Time in Current Role

Filter by the amount of time a contact has been working in their current role. This helps you find and engage with the contacts that fit the requirements of your ideal candidates.

To apply the filter, expand the Time in Current Role accordion. Then, enter a minimum number of years and months, a maximum number, or both to set the range by which you want to filter.

Total Years in Role Filter

To remove the number of years from the filter, delete the numbers or click the X.

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If you are an admin, you can add or remove territories from your search. This means that you can search with or without the saved territory rules in place.

To add a territory to your search, expand the Territories accordion and select a territory.

Territory Drop-down

To remove a territory, click the X on the right side of the territory.

Delete Territory

To create new territories or edit existing territories, click Manage Territories. Refer to Prospect with Territories for more information.

Manage Territories

Restrictions for Non-Admins

If you are not an Apollo admin, you cannot add, change, or delete a Territory from any search. Although the X still appears on the screen, it does not work—even if you click it, the Territory Filter remains in effect.

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Use More Search Filters

For more information about the types of filters available in Apollo, refer to Search Filters Overview.

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