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A Bit of Beta Makes it Better!

Please note, this feature is currently in Beta. If you cannot yet access Apollo Meetings, we haven't forgotten you! Please bear with us while we fine-tune the magic formula.

Apollo Meetings empowers your prospects to schedule meetings with you in seconds. When you sync your calendar with Apollo, you can manage your availability for meetings, create different meeting types, and view your scheduled meetings all from the Apollo Meetings dashboard.

There are several advantages of leveraging Apollo Meetings in your sales workflow, including:

  • Streamline the Scheduling Workflow: Sync your calendar, configure your default meeting settings, and set your availability for each type of meeting to automate the scheduling process.
  • Encourage Proactive Engagement: Make it easy for your prospects to reach you first so you can spend more time engaging in meaningful conversations and less time on administrative tasks.
  • Facilitate Ease of Attendance: Eliminate friction between third-party platforms and reduce the risk of no-shows with automated meeting reminders

Refer to the sections below for an overview of the different Apollo Meetings features available.

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Meeting Types

Meeting types are the different meetings that you want to host. This is useful if you want to encourage different types of contacts to schedule different types of meetings with you. Example meeting types could include scoping calls, demos, brainstorming sessions, or partnership meetings, to name just a few.

Leverage meeting types to remain in control of your schedule and provide your prospects with more context about the type of meetings they can book with you.

Meeting Types Tab

Up to Your Eyeballs in Meetings?

Trying to keep on top of all those many meetings? You can create numerous Meeting Types to help you clearly define the types of meetings participants can schedule with you. If you are on a free plan, you can activate up to 6 Meeting Types at a time. However, if you are on a Basic, Pro, or Custom plan, the world is your oyster—you can create and activate as many Meeting Types as you like!

When you create a Meeting Type, you can specify the duration of the call, provide the appropriate meeting links, add a description, and set your availability.

Let's Get Those Meetings Started!

For more information about how to manage, edit, and personalize your Meeting Types, follow the steps in the "Manage Your Meetings in Apollo" article.

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Scheduled Meetings

Use the Scheduled Meetings tab to view your upcoming meetings and keep track of the meetings that you have attended to date.

Scheduled Meetings Tab

With a holistic view of all your meetings, you can use the Scheduled Meetings tab to easily identify which participants attend a meeting, as well as view the time and duration of each scheduled meeting.

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Access the Meetings Dashboard settings from the Settings tab. From here, you can view your connected calendar, personalize your meeting link, edit your video conference link, amend your default availability, and set your minimum schedule notice to avoid participants from booking you up at the last minute.

Settings Tab

Ready to Roll?

For more information about how to connect your calendar and then configure your default settings, follow the steps in the "Set Up Meetings in Apollo" article.

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