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There are 5 Email Status filters in Apollo:

  • Verified
  • Pending Manual Verification
  • Guessed
  • Bounced
  • No Email

Refer to the sections below for further details about each one.

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Email Status

Email Status Description Additional Information Credits
Verified A fully-confirmed, valid email address. Apollo verifies the email address either via automatic or manual means and then adds the Verified email to your account. At Apollo, verified emails maintain an email match rate of 75% and an accuracy rate of more than 90%. Automatic verification can take a few hours. If you import contacts with email addresses via the CRM integration or via CSV files, Apollo also assumes that these are valid Verified emails. 1 credit per Verified email.
Pending Manual Verification An email address that Apollo could not automatically verify. The Apollo Research team then attempts to manually verify the data. Manual Verification can take between 24-48 hours. When the process is complete, Apollo notifies you of the email status. Verified emails cost 1 credit. If the team cannot verify the email, Apollo refunds the credit to your account.
Guessed An email you have requested that Apollo is unable to fully verify. If Apollo finds multiple pieces of evidence that suggests a probable email, Apollo marks it as Guessed and indicates the confidence level. Apollo only returns Guessed emails if the confidence level is 50% and above. Apollo does not charge data credits for Guessed emails.
Bounced An email address that no longer exists. If an email "hard bounces," the ESP returns it to the Apollo sending system and Apollo updates the email status to Bounced.

This happens very rarely with Verified emails that you've purchased through Apollo; however, a Verified email can bounce if a Contact changes jobs or companies.

If an email that you imported from your CRM or CSV file bounces, Apollo marks the email as Bounced and you can choose to use Apollo data credits to enrich the email.

If you purchased an Apollo Verified email and it bounces within 30 days, Apollo automatically refunds the data credit.
No Email An email that Apollo is unable to find or verify. If Apollo finds an email with a confidence score of 50% or less, Apollo marks it as No Email.

If you import contacts without email addresses via CRM integration or CSV file, Apollo assigns the contact the No Email status. You can then choose to enrich your contact data with the Apollo Enrichment tool.

For more information about Apollo Enrichment, refer to the Enrich section of the Knowledge Base.

Apollo refunds you for any data credits you have spent on contacts for which Apollo cannot find an email address.
Double the Trouble

If you can see two email statuses at once, fear not! When Apollo manually verifies an email, it is possible that you may also see the email with a Guessed or No Email status. This results when the Verification team validates the accuracy of the details and cannot find an available Guessed email. When the manual verification process ends, Apollo updates the status to reflect the final result. Calm is restored.

Hit the Email Jackpot

If you've got your eyes set on particular contacts or personas, but not all their emails display the "Verified" status, it's time to raise the stakes! Spread your wings and fly into the realms of Guessed emails, without taking too high of a risk. You can filter by level of confidence so the chance of bounce stays low. For example, you can choose to only send a message to Guessed emails with a confidence level of 90% and above.

For more information about how to enable this filter, please refer to the Email/Status Confidence section of the Miscellaneous Filters article.

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