Use Job Change Alerts to Update Contacts

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Dustin Nathaniel Keys


When you save a contact, Apollo monitors for any updates to their data, like when they move from one company to another. Use job change alerts to enrich contacts when they've changed employment so your prospect list is always up-to-date with the correct information. You can even create new contacts based on job change alerts.

With updated contacts, you have much better insight into their wants and needs as prospects, empowering your outreach and engagement.

Check out the following sections to update contacts based on job change alerts.

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Update a Contact with a Job Change Alert

Job change alerts appear beside saved contacts to indicate that a contact's employment record has changed. Update these contacts to maintain accurate prospect information.

Update Imports

Looking to only update the contacts you imported? Check out Access the Data Health Center.

To update a contact with a job change alert:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > Saved.
  2. The number beside the briefcase icon indicates the total number of saved contacts with job change alerts.

The briefcase icon

  1. Click the Briefcase icon > Show new job changes.

The briefcase icon

  1. Your contacts will be filtered to show only those with job change alerts.

The Briefcase icon is highlighted

  1. Click to reject a job change alert, or click to start the update on a single contact.
Edit Credit

It costs 1 email credit to update a contact based on a job change alert. Check out Apollo plans to see which plans include job change alerts and credit packages. If you need to purchase a credit package or upgrade your plan, manage your plan.

The Briefcase icon is highlighted

  1. To update contacts in bulk, check the box beside multiple contacts or use bulk selection along the top. Then click Enrich > Update or Create New, or click Reject Update to reject the job change alert in bulk.

Multiple contacts are selected in bulk

  1. Choose whether to update an existing contact or create a new contact. If you update an existing contact, the new job will reflect on the existing record. If you create a new contact, a new contact will be created with the new job, while the outdated record will remain in your saved contacts.
  1. If you create a new contact, select a stage to associate with the outdated contact.

The create a new contact option is shown with list of stages to assign the outdated contact

  1. Click Show more settings to manage the new contact. You can assign them to owners, or add them to lists or sequences.


  1. When finished, click Yes, update, and Apollo will update your contacts with the current employment information.

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Sync Job Change Updates to Salesforce

You can sync job changes on contacts in Apollo to Salesforce.

To get started, create a custom field:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Contacts > Custom fields.
  2. Click New Field.

The New field button is highlighted

  1. Give your field a name, and select a field type.

An example field named job change is shown with single-select field type

  1. Under Map to Salesforce Lead Field, select a field from the dropdown.
Your Options May Vary

The Salesforce fields available to you may differ from these examples. Contact a Salesforce admin at your company if you need help selecting a field.

An example company field is selected under salesforce lead field

  1. When finished, click Save.

Your new custom field will sync job information with Salesforce when you update a contact based on a job change.

The Sync Supersedes

Apollo automatically syncs to Salesforce even if you deactivate the push new Apollo contacts to Salesforce setting.

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