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Every account in Apollo has a profile page. By default, these pages feature a variety of information about each company, including basic account details, market insights, activity timelines, and assigned tasks. Additionally, you can rearrange the layouts of these pages to ensure that you view the most relevant information first.

Looking for Contacts?

If you want to edit contact profile pages, refer to View and Edit Contact Profiles.

The following sections detail how to access an account profile, the type of information at your disposal, and how to edit profile page layouts.

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Access Account Profiles

To access the profile page of an account:

  1. Launch Apollo and click SearchCompanies.
  2. To find an account to review, either type a specific company name in the search bar, use the search filters to narrow your search, or click Saved to access your saved accounts. Find an account.
  3. Click the company's name to access a full-page version of their profile, or click the blank space around the company's name to access a slide-out version of their profile. Access account profile.

From this page, you can access all the information available for this account in Apollo, including a company overview, account details, signals, and an activity timeline. You can also add the contact to sequences.

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Understand the Default Profile Layout and Widgets

Apollo displays several default widgets on account profile pages, including:

Company overview This widget features basic info about the company, including annual revenue and industry classifications.

View the company overview widget.

New prospects This widget displays a list of prospects that have recently joined the company.

View the new prospects widget.

Account details This widget displays account information, including company phone numbers, account owners, and the account stage.

View the account details widget.

Insights This widget provides a summary of various events for the company, including job postings, technologies, employee trends, funding rounds, and, if enabled, website visitors.

View the insights widget.

Activity This widget displays a log of all interactions between your company and the account. From here, you can log new activities, filter by activity type, and review the activity history.

View the activity widget.

Signals & communication advice This widget shows the account's signals, which enables you to prospect based on demographic and behavioral filters of your choosing.

View the signals widget.

Tasks This widget shows all of the tasks that have been assigned in Apollo for the account. Click + to create a new task. You can also choose to complete or skip tasks from this widget.

View the tasks widget.

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Edit Account Profile Data

You can edit certain information for an account from their profile page. Not all details can be changed. To edit contact information, click Actions > Edit company info.

Edit contact details.

You can also edit information when reviewing specific sections of the profile page. To do so, hover your mouse over the data that you would like to change. If Apollo permits you to make edits, you will see one of the following icons.

Edit, Delete, Copy Icons

For some fields, all of these icons appear. For others, just 1 or 2 appear. If you hover your mouse over a field and no icon appears, it means that you cannot edit the data for it.

If you believe that information for an account is inaccurate, click Actions > Flag as inaccurate to submit feedback so Apollo can review the account's data.

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Create and Edit Profile Page Layouts

By default, contact profile pages are arranged in the Account overview layout. You can create your own layout and rearrange the cards on the profile page.

To create a layout:

  1. Go to an account's profile page.
  2. Click Account overview. Access layouts.
  3. Click Create layout. Create a layout.
  4. Enter a name for your layout, then click Save. Name your layout.
  5. Click the layouts icon again. It will have the name of the layout you just created. Access layouts.
  6. Click the layout that you just created to start using it. Then, to rearrange your layout, click ... > Edit layout. Edit your layout.
  7. To rearrange where the widgets appear in your layout, click and hold the handle at the top-left of a widget, then drag it to a different spot in your layout. To remove a widget from your layout, click the trash can icon. Move widgets.
  8. To increase or decrease the size of a widget, click and hold the handle at the bottom-right of a widget, then drag it up or down. Resize widgets.
  9. When you have finished arranging your layout, click Save > Save current layout. Save changes to your layout.

Apollo saves your layout selections, so your new layout will be in use when you access account profile pages in the future.

To change your layout, repeat these steps to edit it. To use a different layout, including the default Account overview layout, click the layouts icon and choose a layout.

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Add Custom Widgets to Your Layouts

By default, account profile pages feature several widgets with information ranging from account details to company insights. If you would prefer to view information in different groupings or unique information such as custom fields, create custom widgets that feature the desired information.

To create a custom widget for account profile pages:

  1. Go to an account's profile page.
  2. Click the layouts icon. It will have the name of the layout you are currently using. Access layouts.
  3. Find the layout you want to change, then click ... > Edit layout. Edit your layout.
  4. Click Add widgets. Access widgets.
  5. To add an existing widget to your layout, hover on the widget and click +. Add an existing widget to layout.
  6. To add a new widget, click Create widget. Create a new widget.
  7. If you choose to create a new widget, enter a new name for the widget and click the checkbox for each field that you want to add to the widget. Then, click Create. Add fields for new widget.

By default, the newly added widget is placed at the top-right of the layout. Follow the steps in the Create and Edit Profile Page Layouts section to move the widget.

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View Existing Contacts for Account

Click the Existing contacts tab to access all existing contacts from the same company, including contacts' email addresses and phone numbers. You also have the option to take immediate action from this page by calling, emailing, prospecting on LinkedIn, or adding them to a sequence or list.

View existing contacts.

View all existing contacts from the Total tab, or click a stage tab to view contacts that are currently in a specific stage.

Select contact stages

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View All Company Employees

Click the Employees tab to access all of the company's employees, including employees that you do not have saved as contacts.

View all employees.

The Quick Actions column provides you with options to take immediate action on the contacts, including saving and accessing emails, exporting contacts to a CSV file, emailing them, or adding them to a sequence or list.

Take action on the contacts.

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View Sequences, Deals, and Conversations Related to Accounts

To view any sequences, deals, or conversations related to an account, go to an account's profile page, then click the tab for Sequences, Deals, or Conversations.

Access sequences, deals, or conversations for account.

The Sequences tab shows all of the sequences that include the company. Use the toggle for a sequence to enable or disable it for the contact you are currently viewing.

View sequences for the account.

The Deals tab shows any deals that feature the account, including the current deal stage. To create a new deal, click New Deal.

View sequences for the account.

The Conversations tab shows all of the recorded conversations in Apollo that included a member of the account. Click a conversation to access the recording.

View conversations for the account.

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View and Edit Custom Fields

To view and edit custom fields, go to an account's profile page and click the Custom fields tab.

View and edit custom fields.

Sewing the Seeds of Personalization!

For additional information about custom fields, refer to Create Custom Contact Fields, Create Custom Account Fields, and Create Custom User Fields.

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View Assigned Locations

Apollo displays all locations assigned to the account, which could be anything from company headquarters to offsite offices. You can export this information as a CSV file directly from this page.

View locations for an account.

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