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Search filters are powerful parameters that allow you to include or exclude specific data when you search for people or companies and build lists in Apollo.

An example people search is shown

Review the following sections for a few frequently asked questions about search filters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between the People and Companies Filters?

For a strategic approach, use company filters to find the businesses most likely to benefit from your product or service. Then, use people filters to find the best individuals to reach out to.

Company-specific filters allow you to search for companies with search results limited to businesses. You might examine companies you’ve closed/won and make assumptions about the companies you’re most likely to have success with in the future. With these attributes, you can search Apollo to see how similar companies are performing through filters like company size, industry, location, funding, keywords, and more.

People-specific filters allow you to search for individuals and employees, with search results limited to people. You can create personas based on your ideal customer profile. Then use personas in a search, combined with other filters like list and email status, to find the right person at the right companies for your message.

When you’ve found great prospects, save and add your contacts to sequences to begin your outreach.

How Do I Filter Search Results to Exclude Companies I’ve Already Added to My Lists?

To exclude companies already on your lists:

    1. Click Search > Companies.
    2. Click the list filter > Advanced Settings and select lists under the Exclude dropdown.

Why Are There No Records When I Use the Date Refreshed in Apollo Filter?

If you don't see results, try expanding the refreshed date range. The date refreshed in Apollo filter allows you to search based on when contact data was last updated in Apollo.

Apollo makes updates available in real-time whenever it captures a data signal such as a job change or a new phone number or email. You can refresh data on saved contacts so your information stays accurate and up-to-date.

How Do I Find The Best Person to Email at Each Company?

Once you’ve identified a promising company for outreach, search for people that work at the company with the persona filter. Personas allow you to target different groups of people with sets of titles, departments, and attributes that define your ideal customer profile. When combined with the company filter or the list filter, you can find the best person to email at each company.

With your search results, add them to a sequence to begin your outreach.

The Secrets to Search

Looking for more best practices on prospecting in Apollo? Check out our webinar How to Build Amazing Lead Lists and review more filters in Search Filters Overview.

How Do I Filter for People Who Have Personal Email Addresses?

By default, when you save a contact in Apollo, you access their business email address.

However, many factors, such as your industry, ideal customer profile, and campaign objectives may dictate your prospecting strategy. To change your default prospecting configuration to access personal email addresses instead of business email addresses, check out Prospect with personal emails.

How Do I Find the Phone Numbers of Contacts If I Already Know Their Email Addresses?

When you request a contact’s phone number, you also make a request for their email address. If you already know contact email addresses, upload your contacts via CSV. Next, use CSV enrichment to enrich your contact data with phone numbers without enriching emails.

When you're ready, use the dialer to reach out and engage.

Which Filters Aren't Accessible from the Free Plan? How Do I Access Advanced Filters?

Some Apollo plans include more filters than others. For updated pricing and availability, check out Apollo plans. To access advanced filters, upgrade your plan. If you have questions about upgrading, reach out to the Apollo sales team.

You can learn more about each filter in Search Filters Overview.

How Do I Filter for Contacts Outside of the US?

To filter for contacts outside of the US:

    1. Click Search > People > then use the location filter.
    2. Enter the United States and select Exclude.

How Do I Know Which Buying Topics are Best for Our Company?

Buying intent topics are most effective when they're narrowly focused on your specific product and market. Use buying intent topics that best reflect the core product or service you offer. For instance, if you’re a travel agent, you might search for “travel.”

Next, use more granular topics to reflect the use cases your product solves. Like “business expenses” or “travel fraud.”

Finally, use buying intent topics about your competition, or about topics covering the pain points or challenges your customers see. Like “travel rewards" or a competitor travel agency. The more specific and niche your topics are, the more effective your search will be.

With well-selected buying intent topics, you can gain valuable insight into your pipeline. When Apollo associates your prospects with multiple buying intent topics, you should prioritize them in your outreach as they indicate high relevance to your campaign.

Check out Buying Intent Overview to learn more about buying intent and intent topics.

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