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In Beta

We're still building inbox ramp-up. While this feature is in beta, some functionality may change.

Apollo recommends inbox ramp-up if you have a new email domain, or an established email domain and have had a strong sender reputation for at least 1 year, but are newly connecting the domain to Apollo.

Inbox ramp-up improves email deliverability by increasing email volume naturally over time across the automated emails and sequences associated with a mailbox, so your messages reach contacts more effectively. This aligns your inbox behavior with mailbox provider standards and reduces the risk of providers identifying your email as junk or spam.

Check All the Boxes

If you need help improving your sender reputation, check out the following resources before jumping into inbox ramp-up:

Review the following sections to get started with inbox ramp-up.

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Use Inbox Ramp-up

To use inbox ramp-up on one or more mailboxes, you first need to link your mailboxes in Apollo.

Once you set up your mailbox:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Mailboxes.
  2. Click ... beside your mailbox, then click Start warm up.

The ellipsis button is clicked with the Start warm-up option highlighted

  1. Toggle Enable thresholds to use warm-up thresholds. With thresholds, Apollo triggers alerts each time your mailbox performs below the selected rate.

The Start warm-up button is highlighted

Apollo sets default recommendations based on the global averages for top performing Apollo users, but you can edit each rate to match your team's needs.

  • Open rate: the percentage of emails opened out of the number of emails sent.
  • Reply rate: the percentage of email replies out of the total sent.
  • Bounce rate: the percentage of emails that bounce out of the total sent.
  • Spam block: the percentage of spam bocked emails out of the total sent.
  1. Click Start warm up to confirm.

The Start warm-up button is highlighted

  1. You have now enabled inbox ramp-up. Apollo shares the estimated completion date for the inbox ramp-up.
Slow Down to Speed Up

It can take around 2 weeks for inbox ramp-up to complete. During this time, expect a delay in some of the emails in your sequences.

  1. Next, create sequences with automated email steps. Inbox ramp-up only works on active sequences with automated email steps.
  2. Add contacts to the sequence, and select to send from the mailbox using ramp-up.

The Start warm-up button is highlighted

  1. When you move contacts into an automated email step, inbox ramp-up will gradually increase email volume across the automated emails over time.

You can check the status of inbox ramp-up at any time, or stop ramp-up if necessary.

If you made a mistake and need to stop inbox ramp-up, navigate to Settings > Mailboxes, then click ... beside your mailbox > Stop warm up.

The stop warm-up button is highlighted

Click Stop warm up to confirm. You can start inbox ramp-up again later.

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Check Inbox Ramp-up Status

Inbox ramp-up on Apollo improves email deliverability rates through an automated, gradual delivery ramp-up over a 2-week period.

To check your inbox ramp-up status:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Mailboxes.
  2. Review the warm up status:

Example mailboxes are shown with warm up statuses at 100% and 30%

The status will change over time as ramp-up increases. You can review other mailbox metrics, as well as check your mailbox health.

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