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The Apollo Chrome Extension unlocks Apollo functionality in many of the tools that you use every day, including LinkedIn, Gmail, Salesforce, as well as many of the major brand websites across the internet.

Apollo Chrome Extension

Hop on the Apollo Bandwagon

You must first install the Apollo Chrome Extension to use in-app Apollo functionality. See the Download and Install the Apollo Chrome Extension article for additional details.

When you use LinkedIn, the Apollo Chrome Extension allows you to find new prospects with verified data that includes direct mobile numbers and email addresses. You can add these contacts to lists and sequences that you've already built in Apollo. You can also stay on top of job changes with alerts and update your contacts directly.

Track Job Changes

When you use Gmail, you can utilize Apollo templates when you compose emails in your Gmail mailbox. You can also configure tracking, follow-up reminders, and link emails to Salesforce leads, contacts, and opportunities.

Gmail Functionality

When you use Salesforce, you can employ time-saving Apollo functionality for Lists and view information from the Apollo database by clicking the widget on a contact page.


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Apollo Chrome Extension Application Functionality

The Apollo Chrome Extension adds functionality and features to the following applications:


The Apollo Chrome Extension allows you to prospect contact data on an individual's profile page and on a company's "People" page.

Prospect a New Contact

For additional information about how to search for and save contacts on Linked, refer to the "Prospect in LinkedIn" article.

Once you have installed the Apollo Chrome Extension, you can use the Apollo LinkedIn widget to:

  • View all of the available information about a contact that Apollo has on them.
  • Request a contact's email address and save it to their profile in Apollo.
  • Email a contact directly through the LinkedIn widget.
  • Request a contact's mobile number.
  • Make a phone call through Apollo.
  • Edit a contact's information stored in Apollo from the LinkedIn widget.
  • Add a saved contact directly to a list or sequence.

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The Apollo Chrome Extension adds new tools to your Gmail mailbox.

Gmail Functionality

Once you have installed the Apollo Chrome Extension, you can:

  • Track individual emails
  • Receive real-time desktop notifications while you use the Chrome browser
  • Schedule follow-up reminders for individual emails when you don't receive a reply.
  • Utilize Apollo email templates natively in the emails you compose from your Gmail mailbox.
  • Automatically create email folders to keep track of all of your recently opened, tracked emails, and follow-ups.

If you have also linked Salesforce to your Apollo account, you can use the following features in your Gmail mailbox.

  • Log all outgoing emails to Salesforce by default.
  • Automatically associate and log emails to the most recent opportunity tied to the company of the person you are emailing

For more information about the features unlocked in Gmail by the Apollo Chrome Extension, refer to the "Use the Apollo Chrome Extension in Gmail" article.

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Google Calendar

The Apollo Chrome Extension is integrated with Google Calendar.

Google Calendar

You no longer have to jump back and forth between Google Calendar and Apollo to access information about potential clients.

For more information on the Google Calendar integration, please read the "Use the Apollo Chrome Extension in Google Calendar" article.


The Apollo Chrome Extension also works natively in Salesforce and unlocks additional functionality and usability features.

Salesforce Functionality

For additional information about connecting Salesforce to your Apollo account, refer to the "Connect and Configure Salesforce" article.

Once you have installed the Apollo Chrome Extension, you can:

  • View any contact or account in Salesforce and use the Apollo extension to automatically view their full Apollo profile.
  • Add contacts directly to Apollo sequences.
  • Create and/or log new tasks.
  • Assign and/or complete calls.
  • Utilize one-click shortcuts to view account, lead, or contact profiles in the Apollo sidebar or call any phone number listed in Salesforce via the Apollo web dialer without leaving the page.
  • Search for leads/contacts and create a lead or contact in Salesforce for anyone who emails you in Gmail.
Always One Step Ahead

Please note, when you install the Apollo Chrome Extension and connect your Salesforce account to Apollo, Apollo logs outgoing emails to the most recently updated Salesforce opportunity for that account.

The extension also adds new tools for lists in Salesforce:

Added List Features

  1. Batch select contacts from the list.
  2. Import a Salesforce contact to the Apollo database.
  3. Add a Salesforce contact to an Apollo sequence.

If you have any questions about the Apollo Chrome Extension or if you need a little extra help, please reach out to the Apollo Support Team.

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Apollo Everywhere

Once you have installed the Apollo Chrome Extension, you have the option to enable Apollo Everywhere to access Apollo insights on most company websites.

Launch the Apollo Chrome Extension and click the toggle for Apollo Everywhere to enable this feature.

Apollo Everywhere

Permission to Succeed

Please note, the first time that you enable Apollo Everywhere, you will need to grant the Apollo Chrome Extension additional permissions. Click Allow to grant the extension the required level of access.


Once enabled, you'll start to see the Apollo icon on the right-hand side of most company websites.

Apollo Icon

Clicking the Apollo icon launches the Apollo Chrome Extension and will display the Overview tab which provides all of the data Apollo has available for that company.

Company Overview

The Insights tab provides data about technologies, hiring trends, and funding rounds for the company if they are available.

Company Insights

The Employees tab provides data about the people who work for the company. You can save a contact directly from this tab.

Employees Insights

The Activities tab provides data about any interactions or outreach you've had with the company once you have saved it.

Activities Tab

Click the More tab to access the settings. From here, you can gain quick access to relevant actions outside of the extension. For example, view sequences in the Apollo web app or open the help center.

More Tab

You can also take action directly within the extension. For example, set your Primary email type or enable Google Calendar.

Actions Within Extension Settings

What's All This About Primary Email?

For more information about Primary email type, please refer to the "Prospect with Personal and Business Emails" article.

Click the minus icon at the top of the screen to close the Apollo Chrome Extension.


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