Create Call Dispositions to Log Your Calls

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Call Dispositions are how you catalog the outcome of a call. This can help you figure out how to handle follow-up conversations.

Seeking CRM Syncing

Please note, Dispositions can also sync to a CRM such as SalesForce. Before reading on, check the help documents for your CRM to make sure they're configured. Apollo won't be able to sync with them.


Refer to the steps below to create new Call Dispositions.

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Create New Call Dispositions

Launch Apollo and click Settings. Then, click Calls.

Calls Section

Click + Add Disposition.

Add Disposition

Name the Disposition, then click Connected or Not Connected.

Connection Status

(Dis)connect the Dots

Apollo defines "Connected" and "Not Connected" in specific ways. "Connected" means the call went through to the desired contact and will be marked as "Finished" in the sequence. "Not Connected" means you didn't reach the intended contact, even if the call went through to another person. The contact will continue to the next step in the sequence.


Click the Call Sentiment drop-down and select Positive, Neutral, or Negative.

Call sentiment

Click Save.


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Set a Disposition Immediately After Your Call

The Call Disposition window opens after a call completes, whether it was connected or not. Follow the steps below to set a Disposition after your call.

Launch Apollo and click the Dialer, then enter the number for your contact.


A call starts at the bottom of the window.

In-Progress Call

When your call is completed, the Call Disposition modal appears. You can use this to set the contact name, purpose, and Disposition.

Post-Call Modal

Click the drop-down menu to set the contact's Name.

Set Name

Click the drop-down menu to set the Call Purpose.

Set Purpose

Click the drop-down menu to set the Call Disposition.

Set Disposition

Add a note if you'd like, and then click Save.

Add Note

You have now assigned a Call Disposition to your call.

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Set a Disposition From the Calls Menu

You can also set Dispositions later from the Calls menu; this is useful if you don't have time to set them right after your calls finish. Refer to the steps below to learn how to do this.

Launch Apollo and hover your mouse over Engage. Then, click Calls.

Engage Menu

Click the Call Disposition drop-down window and select a Disposition. Then click Save.

Calls Menu

Tell Me How You Really Feel!

You can log any type of call you want with Call Dispositions. Here are some example Dispositions to get you started: Interested, Not Interested, Left Voicemail, No Answer, Gave Demo, Bad Number, Gatekeeper (reached an administrative assistant).


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Delete Call Dispositions

Launch Apollo and click Settings. Then click Calls.

Calls section

Click Additional Options (...) next to the Disposition you want to delete and then click Delete.

Options Delete

You can assign the Disposition's calls to a new one before you delete it. Click the drop-down menu and select the Disposition to which you want to assign the calls.

New disposition

Click Delete.

Delete disposition

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