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The control center in Apollo gives you a holistic view of your recent activity and allows you to easily compare key engagement statistics. It also helps you to better manage your tasks, view alerts, and stay on top of your workload week-on-week.

Refer to the sections below for more information about the main features to leverage.

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Your Weekly Stats

If you use the Apollo engagement suite in your day-to-day workflow, visit the control center to view a synopsis of your most recent engagement stats from the previous, current, and coming week.

Weekly stats in control center

On the left of your screen, you can see the number of emails delivered in the selected week in comparison to the previous one. You can also see a summary of the percentage of emails your contacts have opened, replied to, unsubscribed from, shown interest in, and that have bounced that week.

Weekly email stats in control center

If you use the dialer to connect with your contacts, you can also see the number of calls connected in the selected week in comparison to the previous one. For more granular insights, you can see the number of calls dialed, the average duration of those calls, the percentage of voicemails you left, and the neutral and positive outcomes you received that week.

Weekly call stats in control center

To compare the more granular email or call stats with the previous week, hover your mouse over the ellipsis icon.

Comparison stats

On the right, you can visualize your due and completed tasks for the selected week.

Tasks graph

If you haven't created any tasks yet, click + New task to get started.

New task button on tasks graph

More Info, Please!

New to tasks and want a little more context? Hop on down to the "Tasks" section below to learn more.

To view the statistics of the previous or upcoming week, click the arrow icons.

Arrow icons in weekly stats

If you don't use the dialer in your engagement strategy, you may want to hide the call data. Click the additional options (...) button and then click Hide call stats.

Hide call stats button

You have now accessed the weekly stats in the control center. Refer to the section below for more information about the To-do list.

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Your To-Do List

There are currently 2 types of actions available on the control center to-do-list:


Tasks are reminders of the manual actions you need to take with each of the contacts in your pipeline. Tasks include phone calls, LinkedIn messages and requests, manual emails, and action items.

Apollo displays your upcoming tasks from the control center in the Tasks tab on your To-do list.

Tasks tab under to-do list

From this tab, you can view the due date, priority level, and actions of all the contacts in your task pipeline.

Task categories

Click a contact's name to view their full profile page and take action from there.

Contact name in tasks list

Hover your mouse over a contact's account name to gain a synopsis of the company for whom they work.

Company info modal

Click on a contact's task to load the task manager and profile information for that contact.

Open task in control center

Take action from here or click the collapse icon to return to your task list.

Collapse icon and action buttons

Use the action icons to address the next steps for each contact.

Action icons

Or click the checkboxes to select multiple contacts. You can then bulk skip, reschedule, reassign, set priority, or mark actions as complete.

Checkboxes and action buttons

Click the Group by drop-down to decide the order in which you want to view your tasks. You can choose to group by status, activity date, due date, or priority level.

Group by drop-down

Click + New Task if you want to create new tasks directly from the control center.

New task button

Select the saved contact(s) that you want to create the task for, select the type of task, the assignee, the due date and priority, and add any notes to provide more context.

Create a task modal

When ready, click Create task.

Create task button

Apollo displays the upcoming tasks in the Tasks tab and in the Your statistics section.

Tasks in control center

It's Here, There, and Everywhere!

Please note, the control center is not your tasks' only home in Apollo! For more information on the alternative ways to access, view, and create tasks, refer to the Create a Task article.

You have now leveraged the tasks section of the control center.

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Alerts are notifications that appear in your control center dashboard and prompt you to take manual action on contacts or accounts that fit the criteria of a play.

When you set up a play, you can create an alert for manual actions such as calling, emailing, or adding contacts or accounts to a list or a sequence.

Create an alert in play modal

Hold the Phone—What's All This About Plays?

New to Apollo plays and feeling a little lost? For more context, refer to the Plays Overview article.

When Apollo finds contacts or accounts that are eligible for a play, Apollo notifies you in the Alerts tab on your To-do list.

Alerts tab in control center

From here, you can then take manual action on the contacts or accounts that meet the conditions of the play.

Alert action buttons

You can also review the eligible contacts or accounts before making a decision.

Eligible contacts from an alert

If you want to dismiss an alert, click the Dismiss icon.

Dismiss icon

If you want to dismiss multiple alerts, click the checkboxes on the left and then click Dismiss.

Checkboxes and dismiss icon

To edit the conditions of a play that's triggering an alert, click the name of the play. Apollo then redirects you to the settings for that play so you can edit and save your changes.

Name of play in alerts

Want to Play?

Need help setting up a play? Sneak a peek at the Create a Play article for the steps to get started.

You have now leveraged the alerts section of the control center.

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