How to Do Cold Emailing Right with Apollo

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Cold emailing and outbound sales execution go hand-in-hand. When carried out correctly, emailing is one of the most effective channels to reach and engage with your ideal prospects. However, it is also one of the noisiest. To ensure your potential customers see, read, and respond to your cold email outreach, you need to consciously combine the right tools with crucial data and prospecting insights.

Check out the following sections to use Apollo to cut through the noise and send effective, highly-targeted cold emails to your highest qualified prospects, at scale.

Cold Emailing by the Book!

Want to uncover industry-leading prospecting tips, tricks, and best practices? Hop into Chapter 3 of our shiny new book, Outbound Sales, to learn:

  • How to write first-touch, follow-up, and breakup emails—with examples.
  • Personalization tactics for each of your prospect tiers.
  • Templates and tips for A/B testing, crafting subject lines, and leveraging AI.

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How to Cold Email with Apollo: A Checklist

Use Apollo to strengthen your cold emailing strategies. Access highly accurate and insightful contact and account data, view and act on relevant and timely buyer signals, receive AI recommendations and email content analysis, and leverage deliverability insights to boost your cold email performance.

Follow this 5-step cold emailing checklist to maintain healthy deliverability rates and craft hyper-personalized emails at scale with Apollo.

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Step 1: Link Your Mailbox

Before you send any messages, make sure you follow best practices to set your outbound sales motion up for success from the get-go.

Follow these simple steps to lay the foundations for effective cold emailing with Apollo:

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Step 2: Send Emails When Prospecting on LinkedIn

Now that you've followed best practices, it's time to start engaging with your qualified prospects. You can use the Apollo Chrome extension to send emails in real-time while prospecting on LinkedIn, working in Salesforce or HubSpot, or researching companies across the web.

If you haven't already, download the Apollo Chrome extension and learn more about how to use it across your tech stack. Then, follow the steps below to start sending emails while you prospect on LinkedIn.

There's more to the extension!

You can also use the Apollo Chrome extension in Gmail to:

  • Track your email correspondence.
  • Apply templates, snippets, and dynamic variables.
  • Configure nudges to respond to unreplied emails
  • Add time slots or your meeting calendar link into your messages.

Learn more about how to leverage the extension from within Gmail.

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Step 3: Send Individual Emails When Prospecting in Apollo

If you do most of your prospecting directly from within Apollo, you can engage with your contacts from multiple surfaces, according to your preferences and workflows.

To send individual, highly personalized emails to your most qualified prospects, you can:

Email Tips and Tricks

Need a helping hand to strengthen your cold emailing tactics? Hop on into our Master Class with Sam McKenna to learn how to write cold emails that anyone will respond to.

Check out the following section to learn how to send larger quantities of emails with Apollo, while still remaining authentic.

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Step 4: Personalize Emails at Scale

If you want to build a world-class outbound motion, crafting personalized, highly relevant emails is non-negotiable. However, the level to which you personalize your messaging, and the amount of research and preparation you put into every email, should depend on the value of each prospect.

Once you've built your lead scoring models, you can categorize your prospects into tiers. For your highest ranking, tier 1 prospects, it's worth taking the extra time to research them thoroughly and approach your messaging strategy in an uber-personalized way.

For lower-tier prospects, you can still be intentional and thoughtful about personalization, while using the following handy Apollo features to message at scale:

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Step 5: Write Emails with AI

Now that you've learned how to use Apollo to personalize your emails at scale, it's time to leverage Apollo's AI writing features to help boost your email creativity and productivity.

Use Apollo AI to:

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Next Steps: Automate Email Outreach

Keep Up the Momentum!

Cold emailing is just one cog in your winning sales motion! Now that you've learned how to send effective cold emails with Apollo, hop into checklist #4 to learn how to combine email with successful cold calling. Then, when you're ready, head to checklist #6 to start using sequences in Apollo and automating your outreach as part of a broader, multichannel strategy.

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