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Analyze the performance of your emails to gain valuable insights about your target audience. The more you evaluate what works and what doesn't, the more you can test and improve your Sequences to increase engagement.

Refer to the sections below for more information about the Email Analytics you can access in Apollo.

Access Apollo Email Analytics

When you send emails in Apollo, you can track your Open, Click, and Response rates. You can access this data from within a Sequence, from a Contact's profile page, or from the Analytics page.

Access Campaign-Specific Email Data from a Sequence

Launch Apollo and click Engage.


For a holistic view of all email data, click the Emails tab.


If you want to see the data for a specific User, Email, Sequence, or Contact, use the Filters on the left. Then, hover your mouse over the Status icons on the right to view more specific email insights.

Emails Tab Filters

You can also view email data from the Sequences tab.

Sequences Tab

To review the data from a specific Sequence, use the Filters on the left. Apollo displays the overall stats on the right.

Sequence Stats

Click a Sequence to see more in-depth statistics for it.

More Sequence Stats

To take full advantage of Apollo Analytics, please refer to the Build and Access Reports in Apollo" article.

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Access Contact-Specific Email Data from a Contact's Profile Page

Launch Apollo, click Search, and then click People.

People Page

Use the Search bar to find a specific contact.

Search Bar Filter

Click the contact's name to open their profile page.

Click on Contact

Click Show Activities.

Show Activities

Scroll through the Activities and hover your mouse over the Email Status icons to view the time and date that the contact Received, Opened, Clicked, or Replied to your email.

Email Status Icons

The Click Track Dilemma

Please note, in order to view whether a contact has clicked on any links that you have shared in your emails, you need to enable Click Tracking; however, you should use this super power wisely! Click Tracking doesn't always play nicely with SPAM filters. For more information, please refer to the "Click Tracking in Apollo" article.

If you want to track who clicks and watches your Vidyard videos, it is much safer for you to do so with Vidyard Analytics instead. Refer to the "Access Vidyard Analytics" article for further details.

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