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CRM Enrichment allows you to update and sync your existing records from your CRM with Apollo. Contact and account data is subject to change. Using the Apollo enrichment feature helps ensure data accuracy. For an overview of CRM Enrichment, read CRM Enrichment Overview.

CRM Compatibility

Please note, full functionality of CRM Enrichment is currently only available for Salesforce. If you use HubSpot, you can still enrich reports in Apollo. However, to access the updated reports in HubSpot, you will need to manually upload a CSV file for the changes.

Refer to the section below for instructions on how to use CRM Enrichment.

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Access CRM Enrichment

Launch Apollo and navigate to Enrich. Then, click View Records in the CRM Enrichment menu.


CRM Categories

Please note, there are different categories for your CRM entries: Contacts, Leads, and Accounts. The process for enrichment is the same for every category.

Click the checkboxes to select one or more of the entries that you would like to enrich.


Click Enrich Selected to enrich the selected reports.

Enrich Selected

Enrich Selected

Please note, for the selected reports, clicking Enrich Selected will override any auto-fill, auto-overwrite, or push settings that you have enabled or disabled for the enriched field. You can find these settings in Settings—>Contacts—>Default Fields or Settings—>Accounts—>Default Fields.

To enrich all of the available reports, click Enrich All.

Enrich All

Enrich All

Please note, when you click Enrich All, you will enrich your CRM with every update available in Apollo. The number listed next to All Records tells you how many records Apollo will enrich. Record Number

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Find and Enrich Reports With Filters

If you want to enrich specific reports, you can use Filters.

Filters by Category

Please note, you can access all available filters from the All Records tab. However, in the Contacts Leads, and Accounts tabs, you can only access the relevant fields for that specific category.

Expand the accordion for Show. Click the checkboxes to filter by any values missing in your CRM or by new values found in Apollo.


Expand the accordion for Contact Fields. Click the checkboxes to filter by available contact fields.

Contact Field

Expand the accordion for Lead Fields. Click the checkboxes to filter by available lead fields.

Lead Field

Expand the accordion for Account Fields. Click the checkboxes to filter by available account fields.

Account Field

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Access Dismissed Reports and Enrichment History

You can dismiss a report that is no longer useful or accurate. Hover your mouse over the report and click the eye icon.

Dismiss Icon

Click Dismissed to view your dismissed reports.


Click History to view the history of your enriched reports.


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