Release Notes 2024

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Discover the latest feature releases, improvements, and updates.

May 2024

Product spotlight: Website Visitors

Gain insights into which companies visit your website and turn anonymous visitors into new leads.

Use this feature to identify, prioritize, and build automated workflows using website activity data – including page views, visit frequency, unique visitors, and more.

New features include:

Learn how to track website visitors in Apollo.

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Improve call connection rates, save time from repeated voicemails, and get more callbacks with the latest dialer enhancements.

Updates include:

  • Shaken/Stir: Apollo automatically registers all Apollo phone numbers for the industry-standard caller ID authentication technology, shaken/stir.
  • Voicemail Drops: Record or upload multiple voicemail recordings and select which one to leave when a contact doesn't answer your call.

Learn more about voicemail drops.

Email Analyzer

Apollo’s AI can now analyze your emails in real-time and provide actionable tips to help boost reply rates by improving your subject lines and email copy.

Learn more about Apollo's AI email analyzer.


Gain more meeting insights, automate your workflow to capitalize on meeting actions, and integrate with Microsoft Teams.

The latest meeting enhancements include:

  • Microsoft Teams compatibility: Integrate your existing Microsoft Teams account with Apollo Meetings.
  • Meeting Analytics: Get high-level meeting activity insights with the new, pre-built dashboard in Apollo Analytics.
  • Meeting Triggers: Create plays triggered by meeting actions like bookings, reschedules, and cancellations.

Get started with Meetings.

Pre-built Dashboards

Track and analyze key metrics with pre-built dashboards for engagement and prospecting activities.

New pre-built dashboards include:

  • Most engaged email demographic
  • Most engaged call demographic
  • Prospecting activity

Access pre-built dashboards in Apollo.

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Deal Management

Easily manage your pipeline and stay on top of your deals.

The latest updates include:

  • Deal Plays: Automate key deal management workflows with deal plays. Use the Win more deals templates in Apollo Plays to set alerts when deals stall, automatically convert high-intent leads into opportunities, sync CRM updates, and more.
  • Bulk delete: Keep your deals view updated and organized by removing multiple deal records at once.

Create deals in Apollo.

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For Apollo Admins

Keep your team and account secure and follow best practices in Apollo.

The latest security updates include:

    • SSO Authentication: Apollo now supports SSO authentication with Microsoft, Google, and Microsoft Entra ID. This means your team can securely log into Apollo and other apps, with just one set of credentials. Learn how to set up SSO on Apollo.
    • API Key Handling: Now, Apollo API users need to pass API keys through request headers instead of query or request parameters. To prevent disruptions, admins must update API integrations to pass API keys via headers by September 30, 2024.

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Try It First: Open Betas

Scorecards in Apollo Conversations

With scorecards, you can provide focused coaching for your team with objective feedback and scores. Paired with metrics like talk ratios and keyword usage, use conversation scorecards to offer coaching insights that drive real improvement.

Learn more about Conversation scorecards.

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